What's Packaging?

Packaging is a Communication.

Every single product which we use today comes with packaging.

From product functions including deterioration, damage and theft prevention to user guides such as certificate, product efficacy, and even the amount of carbon emissions for the products at disposal stage, everything about the merchandise is communicated with the user through packaging. Packaging can also deliver real-time information about the product, including details of the transportation process and up-to-the-minute updates of the product location. Packaging is an outcome of the combination of science, engineering, design, marketing, environmental studies, and energy conservation initiatives.
Packaging is the sustainable and progressive industry, and it provides you to create a future with competitiveness.

Packaging is a Communication

Packaging is a Communication


Packaging is a Discovery.

KOPACK was founded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in October 2006 as a branch of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH). The purpose was to promote the packaging industry as a high value-added, globally competitive industry capable of realizing sustainable growth and to serve as the driving force behind Korea's packaging industry.


Packaging is an Invention.

With our world transitioning "vertically" from agricultural society to industrialized society, from community-centered culture to city-centered culture, packaging started to gain ground as the most fundamental element in the increasingly interconnected world economy and logistics.
Packaging has become safer, stronger, lighter, and more practical. Now, in the era of IT industrial revolution, packaging is getting ready for yet another takeoff.


Packaging is the Future.

Packaging expands its boundary with convergence technologies of science, engineering, and design, and it is deeply involved in every aspect of our society from energy conservation to environmental protection for enhanceing our competitiveness in the fast-approaching space era. There has been also rapid progress in packaging technology to environmentally friendly smart packaging.


Packaging is a Marketing.

The function of packaging has been thought to propetct the product from the external environments, but it is currently considered as a good method for product marketing with creating the value. The technological evolution with interdiciplinary approach enable the packaging reborn as an important factor the market success, and it depends on its packaging, on how the product "dresses".